ClearLight合作伙伴, LLC Invests 在 苹果& Eve

加利福尼亚纽波特海滩2007年10月3日 – Private equity firm ClearLight合作伙伴announced today that it has completed an 在vestment 在 苹果&Eve,一家100%果汁饮料的营销商,为公司提供支持’的持续增长和扩展计划。


Founded more than 30 years ago, Port Washington, NY-based 苹果& Eve is the largest privately held producer of 100% fruit juice products 在 the United States. The company offers more than one hundred different juice products sold under a number of brands 在cluding 苹果& Eve, 苹果&夏娃有机食品,芝麻街,北国和塞内卡。该公司的产品通过多种渠道销售,包括杂货店,俱乐部,大宗商品,便利和食品服务。

“We are pleased to have ClearLight as our capital partner and look forward to working with them as we continue to grow our business,” said Gordon Crane, President and CEO of 苹果&前夕。 “我们的业务前景非常好。我们现有的100%果汁产品的销量持续增长,我们正在推出令人兴奋的新产品,例如我们的Awake能量果汁和我们的Fizz Ed起泡果汁系列。”

ClearLight的合伙人Patrick Haiz评论:“ Apple& Eve has a well-established portfolio of proven brands that meet consumers’ 在creasing demand for beverages that promote health and wellness. We have searched extensively for 在vestment opportunities with natural food and beverage companies; we are fortunate to be partnering with Gordon and his team. 苹果&夏娃长期以来一直是一流的运营商。”

关于 苹果& Eve

苹果& Eve is the largest privately held juice company 在 the U.S., with total annual sales topping $200 million. Founded 在 1975 and headquartered 在 Port Washington, NY, the company focuses on healthy and 在novative juice products. 苹果& Eve produces and markets a complete line of juices, 在cluding 苹果& Eve 100% pure and natural juices and juice blends, Northland Cranberry Juice Blends, Seneca, Sesame Street 100% Juices, Organics, and a wide variety of convenient single-serve beverages. 苹果&夏娃产品在全国的超级市场,大卖场,仓库俱乐部,保健食品商店,学校和便利店出售。

苹果& Eve, LLC